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About Us

Trac Lubricants & Coatings (TLC) is a unique organization which specializes in the distribution and manufacturing of high performance thin film coatings, dry film lubricants, paints, lubricants, greases, anti-seize and adhesives. Our primary customer base is the aerospace, rail/transit, medical, industrial and automotive markets. TLC is actively involved with twenty (20) different companies in the development and creation of coatings to address problems with corrosion, friction, lubrication, protection and aesthetics for all types of metal, plastics, composites and wood.

Unlike most distributors, TLC plays an active part in solving various problems which most coating manufacturers cannot or will not address because of financial or volume constraints. Many of the coatings, dry films currently being sold were created in the last two (2) years. In effect TLC is often referred to as coating consultants. New and old customers call TLC when they want to lower applications costs, reduce VOC’s or cannot afford the minimum buy quantities proposed by other manufacturers.

Since TLC is a smaller organization, we are able to expedite shipments, usually within a day. The majority of products we sell are stocked in our warehouse and for those rare items we receive preference from the manufacturers since we are the largest distributor of dry films in the US. There is always a knowledgeable person to answer questions or take your order rather than figure out which button to press. In the event we are busy shipping orders, we always return calls. TLC is no longer a regional distributor since we ship by truck, overnight and air all over the world.

In addition to the standard paints/coatings for corrosion control, TLC stocks high temperature, ESD (electro static dissipation), mil-spec, aerospace, primers, noise reduction, masking materials, food grade coatings and lubricants, TeflonTM, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, silicon, UV stable, adhesives, in tumescent and many other coatings for diversified applications.

TLC welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your organization to enhance your product line, increase market share or solve technical problems which our competition is unable to do. Remember that when you speak to TLC you are talking to all of our suppliers and their technical support as well. I am sure that we can solve your problems as well.