Surf-Kote M-1284

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Surf-Kote M-1284
TRAC Part Number: SKM1284
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Surf-Kote M-1284 uses a matrix bonded film lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide. Surf-Kote M-1284 will eliminate galling, seizing and cold welding while lubricating moving parts and assemblies that are under extreme pressures and temperatures, in contact with unusual atmospheres, or in inaccessible locations. It will also speed up parts assembly, resist fretting corrosion and facilitate the break in lubrication of engine parts and other components.
Technical and Safety Data

Technical and Safety Data

MIL Spec FMS-1082; HPS-5003; NWL-MP-210 Ty. III
Trac Part Number SKM1284
Surface Preparation -
Application -
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