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TRAC Part Number: DS-108
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DS-108 is a very effective cleaner on a wide range of soils including hydrocarbon soils, adhesives, epoxies, sealants, inks, dyes and common shop contaminants. DS-108 evaporates quickly at room temperature leaving a perfectly clean surface ready for painting, coating, bonding, sealing or final assembly.
Technical and Safety Data

Technical and Safety Data

MIL Spec LMA-MN040A Ty. II, AMS-3166; AMS-3167, BAC5750; MCS6000; AIMS 09-00-0002; D6-17487; STM0871; BAPS 1800-009; EMB145 (20-30-4); FMS 2004 Ty. II; 5PTMNG04 Ty. II; 5PTMVL01-B; LAC 41-4939; CMS0085 Rev. A
Trac Part Number DS-108
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